I became interested in giving shiatsu massages because I was totally cured of really bad eczema by shiatsu and acupuncture. I have myself managed to help a number of clients who suffer from eczema, using a holistic approach to support my clients to heal themselves.

One of my clients has found shiatsu to help clear the spots on her face, which came on as a result of taking Tamoxifen as she was recovering from breast cancer.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Muscle Pain
One of my clients was suffering badly from early Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 32, as a result of a skiing accident. After 3 treatments, her arthritis had substantially eased and then seemed to disappear for a while.

My client, Sheila Skrender, who is featured in the testimonials above, has found shiatsu to be the only treatment that can really ease her muscle pain in her shoulders. She also finds it very beneficial for her arthritis.

Another client who is aged 13 was suffering so badly from painful knees that she was unable to take part in any sport at school. After 3 shiatsu treatments her knees were much better, with minimal pain.

Another client had been suffering for a while with excruciating pain in her Achilles tendons. After one treatment, the pain was only occasional and then after three the pain had almost gone completely. She now no longer has any problems with her Achilles tendons.

Migraine Headaches
I have managed to stop migraines in their tracks, just as the symptoms were starting, with two of my clients, using specific acupressure points, and helping to generally relax the clients.

I have treated over 20 clients at different stages of pregnancy, and have always found that they benefit enormously, as shiatsu helps to ease many pregnancy-related symptoms such as back ache and hip pain, digestive disorders, nausea, headaches, stress and insomnia. As a shiatsu treatment can be given while you are lying on your side, it is very comfortable to receive, which distinguishes it apart from other massages.

My client featured in the testimonials above, Kathryn Watts, found that shiatsu helped to ease some of her severe morning sickness (hyperemesis) symptoms in the first trimester. She also found it helped her overall well-being throughout her whole pregnancy.

Another client in the final trimester found that shiatsu stopped her getting calf cramps at night, eased upper back pain and improved her general energy during the day.

Circulatory and Digestive System
One of my London clients in 2005 and 2006 used to suffer badly from Irritable Bowel Syndrome until she embarked on a series of shiatsu treatments that cleared it up completely. I have also found shiatsu to be effective in resolving other stomach upsets, such as bloating after eating, indigestion and constipation.

Shiatsu is also enormously beneficial for many other complaints other than the ones listed above and in the section About Shiatsu. If you are unsure whether I can help your particular condition, do contact me.

See testimonials for evidence of success.