“I have benefited from Tania’s shiatsu treatments since November 2003. Seeing her regularly since then - with only two gaps when she was busy having her babies and I missed her healing therapies greatly – has been such a tonic. Tania has a special aura about her. I can’t begin to understand the science of what she does but going to her de-stresses and re-energises me. Thank you so much!”
Catherine Parkinson,
Petworth, Surrey.

  “I have been having Shiatsu sessions with Tania for over 4 years now, and have found the treatments very relaxing and they have helped my asthma enormously. The feel-good factor afterwards is wonderful”. Annette Turner, Cranleigh, Surrey.

“I have now had over 40 treatments from Tania and I am definitely hooked! Tania has particularly helped my neck and shoulders; in fact my whole body feels the benefit. Shiatsu seems to work at a deeper level than physiotherapy.” Sheila Skrender, Milford, Surrey.

  “I had severe morning sickness (Hyperemesis gravidarum) in my second pregnancy, in fact it was all day sickness for four months and what helped me get through this awful time was Tania’s shiatsu massages.” Kathryn Watts, Cranleigh, Surrey.

"I was first referred to Tania by my physiotherapist. There were two main issues: hypomobility in my right hip which in turn was leading to back problems and from this, sleepless nights.
Tania is very intuitive and was quickly able to improve my sleep patterns, changing what had been very short nights of broken sleep over many years, to one where eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is now quite commonplace.
Additionally over time Tania has reduced my suffering from back ache and hip discomfort considerably.
So good do I feel her work is, that I regularly travel over 100 miles each way for treatment!
Tania comes with my highest personal recommendation”.
Martin Stillman-Jones, Farnham, Surrey.
  "I can't speak highly enough for Tania's wonderful shiatsu treatments! Having tried to conceive for a number of months, I sought Tania's help for an extra boost to help my body along the way. I had 2 treatments and the next month was pregnant, fantastic! She put me in a very calming state of mind and my body felt totally comfortable and relaxed. I am now 5 months along and will be booking in for more treatments as I get closer to my due date to help my body prepare for labour and to help ease my back pain." Nicola Light, Cranleigh, Surrey