Shiatsu massage, like other oriental healthcare methods, has been practised for centuries and aims primarily to promote well-being and help prevent illness.

Shiatsu is a gentle yet powerful healing art, originating from Japan. Touch, movement and stretching encourage balance and change in the body’s “ki” (or chi – vitality or energy). When our ki flows freely, our mind and body can relax, pain is diminished, vitality increased and healing promoted.

Shiatsu massage stimulates the energy pathways called meridian channels using gentle pressure of fingers and palms (and sometimes elbows and knees), while gently stretching the body. The receiver remains fully clothed and lies on a futon on the floor.

A treatment may include advice on relaxation, breathing and diet, visualisations and meditation.

Shiatsu can help to ease/ cure a wide range of symptoms and is particularly helpful in stress-related conditions, helping to release tension and promote deep relaxation.

How can Shiatsu help me?

Shiatsu treatments bring about deep relaxation and can be experienced as profoundly calming and peaceful - this alone will stimulate your own self-healing abilities.

Shiatsu is also very effective in relieving a wide range of conditions (as demonstrated by recent research available at

Back pain and neck pain
Anxiety, depression and sleeplessness
Relief of muscular pain & tension
Headaches & migraines
Rheumatism and arthritis
Respiratory illnesses, including asthma and hayfever
Nausea and vomiting (including pregnancy, chemotherapy
and post-operative)
Menstrual problems
Pregnancy well-being and postnatal recovery